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Ferio Tego

Ferio Tego Summa

Ferio Tego Summa

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The word Summa means a ‘comprehensive work’, a summary or a synthesis of the body of work thus far. Ferio Tego Summa is a blend that embodies the diversity and complexity of the Ferio Tego offering. Incredibly complex, with velvety texture, and a unique story to tell, each Ferio Tego summa vitola has been crafted in such a way that tells a unique version of the story.

Blenders notes: The Ferio Tego Summa is an abundant cigar that is full-flavored and full-bodied with an intensity that is present, but graceful. The flavors are structured in such a way that creates a subtle but relentless crescendo of flavor and complexity without becoming overbearing. The velvety mouth feel preserves a lingering finish that skews towards a darker style of flavors but is complimented by an underlying buttery sensation that adds a touch of levity to the blend.

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