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Blend Exclusive Salomones Cigar

Blend Exclusive Salomones Cigar

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Individual Cigar.

From seed to cigar, every ingredient has been singled out for special treatment to undergo 170 steps and over 300 manual operations to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The journey from seed to cigar takes years which reflects the time and care that has been invested into the BLEND Exclusive Salomones. The wrapper alone includes five-year-old tobacco from a region that is proprietary to only Davidoff Cigars and full of rich minerals that provide incredible intensity and complexity. In the aging process the cigar’s tobaccos are lavished with the ideal temperature, light and humidity needed to create a cigar of such luxury. Blended by world-class Davidoff Master Blenders ensures that the color, construction, aromas and taste experience all meet the quality standards commanded of the BLEND Exclusive Salomones.

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